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Data Monitoring Committee

  • Prof. Tim Peto -Chairman (University of Oxford, UK)DMC members.img_assist_custom-320x240
  • Prof. Philippa Musoke (Makerere University, Uganda)
  • Prof. Robert S. Heyderman( Malawi- Liverpool- Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme)
  • Dr. Jim Todd -Statistician (NIMR, Mwanza, Tanzania)
  • Christina Spencer-Drake-Secretariat (MRC Clinical Trials Unit, London UK)




14 March 2014

FEAST investigators question why WHO have failed to change guidelines

  • Current septic shock treatment guidelines are putting children’s lives at risk in Africa
  • In a paper published in the British Medical Journal on 12th January the FEAST trial investigators called on the World Health Organisation to update their guidelines on how to treat children in shock in Africa urgently, warning that the World Health Organisation’s failure to update their guidelines is costing children’s lives.

19 February 2013